Class of Windsurfer Launches the All-New Renaissance

The class of windsurfer, the 1 from which all of the things emerged in the year 1968, is finally back. What initiated with its 1st Championship of World in the year 1973, alterations in the landscape of windsurfing compelled a hiatus in the year 1988 for the own title, but an all-new group has finally launched a renaissance for the year. The explosion of this Class was discernible in the month of July year 2018 at the Torbole’s World Trophy where more than 100 athletes from 10 countries competed, and with again the foundation of the French, South African and Dutch national classes, and the ball was apparently rolling.

Such amount of progress was made that in November 2018, the World Sailing awarded the status of International Class again to the well-known Association of International Windsurfer Class aka IWCA, permitting for the 1st Championship of World of the all-new era which is to take place in this year. The LT Windsurfer, as the accessory is known, still remains connected to everyone’s past but with new design and construction in order to serve all the capabilities and a range of broad wind. As an outcome of this renovated interest, IWCA has now submitted its own interest to be the Windsurf Equipment of Men and Women for the 2024 Sailing Competition of Olympics.

Through the exceptional versatility of the equipment of the Windsurfer, the competition of class also includes slalom, marathon, course racing and freestyle. The International Committee of Olympic is very much eager for the events which are dynamic and these options of competition permit for very close course vicinity in order to shore for the fans.

In 2018 November, at the meeting which was held in the venue of Sarasota, the World Sailing has also confirmed the consistent participation of male and female of Windsurfing at the Olympics of 2024 to be held in Paris, but at that time announcement was made regarding reevaluation of that equipment by the commission which is quite technical.

Tri State Regatta To Be Held This Weekend

The annual Tri State Regatta will sail this weekend into St Joseph. Boats would arrive from midnight starting from Friday and continue until noon the next day. There would be a series of events taking place all through the weekend. The arrival time would depend on the size of the boat, skills of crew, weather conditions and so on. The city of St Joseph would welcome sailors who would take a stroll in the afternoon wandering shops and streets. The race starting from Chicago till St Joseph would be run by the Columbia Yacht Club and several sailors and viewers will be sent to shores every year.


The existing format which includes a Friday race to St. Joe, Sundays in Michigan City along with Labor Day return race to Chicago is going on perfectly for more than 70 years now. The Michigan City Yacht Club is into sponsorship of second leg, whereas Jackson Park Yacht Club takes care of the race back to Chicago. Around 12 or more boats travel from St. Joseph to Chicago to participate in the race, and on a frequent basis brings a trophy home. The St. Joseph River Yacht Club is all set to sponsor the annual event on Saturday and public can also be a part of the party. The day begins with some delicious breakfast buffet from 7 am to 11 am followed by lunch which includes hot dogs and burgers. The sides are made available from 3pm. lastly dinner option would also be available and includes steaks, chicken and vegetarian meal which starts from 6 to 8 pm.

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Final Four At Musto International Youth Match Racing Champs (MIYMRC)

Leonard Takahashi of Japan and Harry Price from Australia head into the final day of the Musto International Youth Match Racing Championship (MIYMRC) of the year 2017 are in the strongest possible position, both the teams have taken the early lead in the semifinals of the event over their opponents.

After the end of 105 matches there was a huge fight for the position in quarter-final, Takahashi was leading the chart with an impressive scorecard of 13-1. And for It Japanese representative to witness his first loss took to Day 4 of the regatta. Jelmer Van Beek is ruining the winning streak of their opponents to be the only team to defeat them all through the round robin.
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