Final Four At Musto International Youth Match Racing Champs (MIYMRC)

Leonard Takahashi of Japan and Harry Price from Australia head into the final day of the Musto International Youth Match Racing Championship (MIYMRC) of the year 2017 are in the strongest possible position, both the teams have taken the early lead in the semifinals of the event over their opponents.

After the end of 105 matches there was a huge fight for the position in quarter-final, Takahashi was leading the chart with an impressive scorecard of 13-1. And for It Japanese representative to witness his first loss took to Day 4 of the regatta. Jelmer Van Beek is ruining the winning streak of their opponents to be the only team to defeat them all through the round robin.

The all-female team from the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club (RPAYC) which is led by Clare Costanzo finished in second position with the score on 10-4, then an outbreak of teams of 9-5 with Harry Price coming out on top in the tiebreaker to reach to the third position, followed by Porter Killian from the USA. Tom Grimes (CYCA) and Will Boulden (WA) both dropping down to the 6th position.

George Anyon of the Royal New Zealand the second seed competitor somehow managed to hold on its 7th position with the (CYC) Cruising Yacht Club of Australia’s final and third team led by James Hodgson who finished 8th. This left almost an impossible task for the top teams to choose their opponent.

Price and Takahashi were the first two to register their spot in the semi-finals; both of them need only one of three matches to jump from the quarterfinals. The men, who are close to joining them was Tom Grimes, who just outperformed George Anyon, fighting back in 3 out of the four races he raced to move forward.